The Precision and technology of our CNC cutting machines allows us to achieve exceptional accuracy when producing components to specs.

High-volume parts manufacturing with cost-effective production is the power of Hisarlar's high definition cutting services.

Cutting up to 120mm thich materials, Hisarlar's cutting service offers fast and best production of heavy-duty parts.

Coupled with our nesting software, our cutting servicesprovide maximum material use for cost efficiency as well.

Automated and precise 5-axis laser cutting gives us the ability to cut 2D and 3D components from raw material that has already been processed.

This also reduces costly and timely multiple processes in the one CNC workflow.

Cutting machine park of Hisarlar

4 CNC Laser CuttingPlasma & Oxygen Cutting5 Axis Laser Cutting Head
4kw 1500*3000mm400 A 4000*12000
4,4kw 2000*4000mm
5,2kw 2000*4000mm
6kw 2000*4000mm


Hisarlar offers a wide range of CNC bending services to our customers with our high quality and precise bending machines.

These machines enable us to bend any sheet meral from just a few milimeters to several meters long with high tensile materials forming in multiple positions and creating complex forms using large industrial machines.

We shape steel or aluminum tubes using advanced CNC cutting and bending machines.

Cold forminc sections for parts, we process tubes with maximum diameter of ø120mm, as well as square and rectangular tubes with sections up to 60 x 120 mm in the quickest, most precise and reliable way.

Manuel Welding

With more than 40 years of experience, Hisarlar has been offering to its customers oth manual and robotic welding; a wide range of welded structures and welded assemblies, specializing in a variety of materials and part sizes.

More than 150 welders of Hisarlar are certified according to European norms.

Robotic Welding

With 22 robotic welding arms, Hisarlar is offering its customers the performance and process quality control.

Our robotic welding service provide speed, efficiency, and control for welded manufacturing processes.


Hisarlar uses advanced equipment to offer a variety of CNC machining services including milling, drilling, boring, turning, surface grinding, tapping etc.

We maintain the level of the quality across all scopes of work and support our customers' manufacturing requirements, from prototype development to high volume manufacturing with competitive price.

We have 7 CNC Machining Centers which they are capable for 15 tons parts and x=10mt / y=3,5mt / z=2,5mt at 5.000 rpm.

Surface Treatment & Painting

Hisarlar provides inhouse wet painting process, surface preparation, e-coating, liquid enamel finishing with its high-tech paintshop which is the biggest in region.

E-coat covers all the surfaces on the structures, even the spots which are the hardest to reach.

It guarantees a level of quality,in terms of corrosion resistance, which meets the parameters requested by all our customers.

  • High anti-corrosion resistance while tense layer of paint (in case of 25 micrometer of paint the resistance of 1000 hours in salt spray test confirmed)
  • High penetration - sinus protection
  • Ecological and safe production
  • Hanging capacity 7 tons
  • Max. length 10 mt

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