Hisarlar was formed as a family enterprise in 1973. It is an enormous company regarding  97.000 sqm  operation area and around 800 employees and adds value to Turkey by including an internationally recognised standart in its ‘product-management-production’ pattern.  Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the biggest global company in the market with a turnover  of 17.8 billion dollar in 2016 has bought 75.1 share of Hisarlar.

As the first tractor cabin producer in Turkey, Hisarlar has been using enhanced experience and skills of years  by focusing in heavy metal industry processing. It has been a significant supplier as subsidiary producer of sensitive chassis and other welded joint parts for globally recognised  heavy construction machines brands all over the world.

Besides, Hisarlar has been continously  a wellknown producer of agricultural tillage machines since 1985 thanks to its own development of  design and production speciality in agricultural machinery business.

As conducted important research outcomes for far future estimate that socio-economic developments will be shaped by agriculture and agricultural products in our world, the company continues to design and practically produce value added and innovative products, by keeping in mind all relevant stages of agriculture, in agricultural mechanisation sector. Given that Hisarlar pays a special attention to R&D, it is still keeps the first R&D centre title in agriculture machines business in Turkey. Hisarlar has a R&D centre certified by relevant Ministry since 2012. 


The organisation regards R&D as guarantor of its own future and growth.In order to follow developments in the world in the right time and place, It gives significiant value to new products. It aims to have a place globally in agricultural mechanisation sector with innovative and technological projects in cooperation with Mahindra and Mahindra Co R&D centre in Mumbai. Hisarlar is determined to be respected brand name considering its high volume production capacity and quality, particularly its export to relevant elite key industries in Europe, highly efficient R&D investments and technological superiority.

Hisarlar;for us, ‘to produce is a form of art’

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