• The most important key to the success of our family is our people. Our Human Resource policy which intends to provide a productive working environment to all members of our family with " First People" principle as well as to develop personal and professional aspects and to faithfulness to our core values.  Considering a HR management, recognising people as our most valuable asset and providing support for achieving the company's overall objectives, general strategic business plans and targets;
  • Our basic mission in organisation of  our modern Human resources department; by making compatible goals and expectations of employees to the company's values, realisation of  the enterprise goals is to be reached by means of efficient, effective, motivated staff,
  • During recruitment process of our family members, without any discrimination; we recruit candidates with reference to support issue towards technical knowledge and competencies as well as the values ​​of Hisarlar,
  • Programs are implemented  to enhance the development of competence of human resources in parallel to R&D-Technology strategies,
  • Thanks to improvement and support programs for our employees; we take measures to solve the problems of the employees and we improve internal communication facilities,
  • We embrace the vision, mission and values ​​of our corporate identity and contribute and apply our human resources policies related to our changes to our vision,
  • Empowering our staff, we create atmosphere where we can contribute directly to our business results, When carrying out our performance assessments, we assess our personal performance and also corporate culture compliance as a priority. Performance evaluation results  are put into use in the matters of  wage management and career management as the most important data source, We support our employees' career goals with our improvement and training programs, thus our employees can achieve their individual and organizational career goals
  • As Hisarlar, we are conscious of the significance of education and development in order to reach our targets dictated by permanent development basis required by competitive conditions of modern era,
  • are determined together with our employees have a say in determining training and development needs, meeting these needs with the most convenient solutions,
  • To ensure the development of professional skills, technical trainings and motivation-focused personal development trainings take place. Various certification trainings are implemented throughout career span of employees, provided by our company internal trainers along with business partners,
  • A safe working setting is on offer with an active Occupational Health and Safety policies.

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