Long term internship programmes, outlined by our Human Resource department planning, is a talent acquisition programme aimed at future requirements. Furthermore, Hisarlar is aware of the contribution given by career and personal developments in addition to education already received by those candidates, who are either graduates or still studying at universities.

We have launched our first program in January 2018 to guide new graduates at the beginning of their careers, to teach to cope with current competitive terms, and to offer career development opportunities.

Applicants can apply for a new graduate or master's degree program at universities in the departments of Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Industry, Metallurgy and Materials, Materials Science, Business or Manufacturing Engineering departments (as long as no attendance is required in them).

Our career program is for a minimum of 6 months during a a year time period, starting in January each year.

Candidates who will work as an Intern Engineer are expected to work at least 4 days full time each single week.

At the time of the program, different inhouse trainings are organized to speed up the orientation to the business world and Hisarlar.

Hisarlar, Hisarlar specialist coaches, internship program and interns are put into evaluatpon by the end of the internship program, hence setting up the background for permanent improvement.

Insurance and fees will be covered by Hisarlar during any period of employment.

In November each year, applications are taken and are announced on www.kariyer.net. You can apply for your applications via Kariyer.net website or by filling out our application form.

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