Forage Harvester


Hisarlar brand Forage Harvester is used for chopping of all kinds of green fodder and grass to make silage. It is designed to provide the best harvest quality under the most severe conditions.

Hisarlar Forage Harvester works with 540 Rpm with minimum 45 HP tractor power requirement. Specially designed free floating knives acts to prevent the possible damages when it hits any other hard material like Stones in the field.

It is possible to adjust the working width by adjusting bolts and the cutting height by hydraulic cylinder on Hisarlar Forage Harvester. Thanks to its powerful blowing system through rotor and knives, Hisarlar Forage Harvester prevents crop losses during harvest.
  • HGCH
Cutting Width mm 1300
Number of Blades pcs 21
Working Capacity ton/h 15-16
Working Speed Km/h 8-10
Needed Tractor Power Hp 45
PTO Rpm 540
Length mm 2600
Width mm 2150
Height mm 3150
Weight kg 620
Working speed and the harvesting capacity of the machine depends on the field conditions. The data given in the technical spec. file was calculated at optimal conditions.

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