Side-delivery rake has system been designed with gearbox.Powerful and durable accumlative cams.Powerful three-point hanger connection.

  • Wide range of models
  • Gearbox motion transfer
  • Adjustable height adjustment
  • Demounting rake feet
  • Spring system connection rods
  • A widespread and experieced service network
  • Easy to find of spare parts
  • Warranty for 2 years

Strength against crushing which can be encountered during operation thanks to spring type arms

Easily adjustable road and work position feature for safe use
  • R9
  • R9 1
Models MINIMUM TRACTOR POWER (HP) Number Of Rake Rods Number of Spring & Rake Working Width Carriage Width Number of Wheel Weight Ağırlık Local Gear Box Import Gear Box Product Code
R9        45         9       3 x 9        290        150          2       15 x 6       350       ✓       -       30004451
R9 1        45         9       3 x 9        290        150          2       15 x 6       350       -       ✓      30004749


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